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The Blue Moon Restaurant

Photos Through The Blue Moon Ages

A History of The Blue Moon

Enjoy some of the beautiful photographs we have collected! If you have any photos to add to our collection please send them here!


1971-Blue Moon Staff.jpg

1971 Blue Moon Staff

Wilfred Kleser & Walter(Bud) Trecartin.jpg

1971 Wilfred Kleser and Walter(Bud) Trecartin

Pam Mahoney & The Edelweiss Trio.jpeg

1975 Pam Mahoney and The Edelweiss Trio

Pic-1 1967-Blue Moon.jpg

1967 Walter Hinschberger, Dorothy(Hinschberger)Newsome, Joan(Hinschberger)Kleser, Rose(Zarzycki)Hinschberger

Pic-2 1969-Rose&Walter-3.jpg

1969 Walter Hinschberger, Dorothy Newsome, Rose Hinschberger

Pic-3 1969-Rose&Walter-5.jpg

1969 Rose and Walter Hinschberger

Pic-4 1971-Blue Moon dancing.jpg

1971 Dancing

Pic-5 1971-Blue Moon dancing Accident.jpg

1971 Dancing

Pic-6 1971-Blue Moon Edelweiss Trio.jpg

1971 The Edelweiss Trio Freddy Schonheer on Xylophone and Eric on Accordion

1971-BlueBoar Room Sign.jpg

1971 Blue Boar Sign

Arthur Hinschberger.jpg

 1971 Arthur Hinschberger
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